Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Wave 1 Raven Queen

Raven Queen

Raven Queen was the first of the Ever After High dolls I picked up along with Apple White (there was a sale at Duncan's Toy Chest (where she was just £9.36), and I am weak). The EAH dolls have much larger, rounder heads than the MH dolls, which initially put me off. However, as I love fairy tales and folklore, and the dolls have such lovely styling, I had to cave in and get one. Or two. Or... Now I have her, I must say she's a very pretty doll and I'm glad I bought her. Raven is definitely my favourite character from the webisodes so far, and I really like that she has a dark aesthetic and yet is not the bad guy.

The EAH boxes are incredibly pretty.

Design-wise they resemble storybooks, down to the 'pages' on one side of the box and spine on the other (which I failed to get a picture of... oops). I really like the key detail you can see on the back of the box, which links in to the legacy day theme. The back also features the webisode artwork of Raven and a few details about her.

The bookmark storybook that comes with the doll is adorable, featuring little pictures and notations by Raven. 

Anyway, here she is out of the box:

Strike a pose.
She actually came out of the box with her incredibly long hair in reasonable condition, although I boil straightened it anyway just to remove a little bit of frizz. It comes styled with two twists forming a sort of laurel crown of hair, with her spiked headband nestled between. And she has a bit of a widow's peak!

Salon quality hair. And lots of it.
On to the details. Raven's moulded accessories are heavy on the feathers and mirror themes. The most striking is her collar, which comes strapped to her body with clear elastic bands. I've left those on place because you can't really see them from a distance, and I was concerned about the collar potentially going skew-wiff if I removed them.

I really think this collar piece makes Raven's outfit - although I wish the centre decoration wasn't solid purple. I can't decide whether it's just a gem, or whether it's supposed to be a continuation of the mirror theme. Anyway, you can see that the silver parts resemble raven feathers. The collar does limit her mobility quite a bit should she want to make any dramatic hand gestures. 

She also comes with a pretty impressive waspie/belt. I have no idea what that thing hanging off the bottom of the chain is supposed to be though. Raven skull? It kinda looks like a little bear head, which is weird. Answers on a post card... 

This is her handbag, which has the magic mirror up front and centre. Again, it came attached to her hand with a rubber band, which I've left on because it looks like it's quite precariously balanced in her hand there. She's also wearing a ring-bracelet thing, which looks really impressive in the box. However, on unboxing her it transpires that it's not attached to her finger, meaning it has a tendency to rotate on her arm and look weird unless she's carefully posed.

Raven's shoes are pretty awesome though. How she walks in them I will never know. Again, a close look reveals feather details on them. 

All in all, I'm glad I got her. She's a very pretty doll, despite the flat and round head thing the line has got going on. 


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