Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Frights, Camera, Action! - Hauntlywood - Elissabat

Elissabat was the second doll my boyfriend bought me - she was a 'get well' present and he picked her because he liked her gothic look.

I probably should have brushed her hair more...

Elissabat is an actress with the screen name Veronica Von Vamp. Apparently she has terrible stage fright and is always playing the role of Veronica when in public - which I guess means that when she's acting she's Elissabat playing Veronica playing a character. Confusing. I was puzzled as to how she manages to be a film star when Draculaura can't even show up in her school photos, so I did a shout out to Tumblr. Apparently:
It’s a technology thing. Notice how Draculaura only doesn’t show up on class photos, which, in one Webisode, is shown to be done with one of them old-timey cameras with the *Poof* thingy and everything. But for the rest? She shows up perfectly fine on digital media, like, say, ICoffin footage. (It even says on some Dawn of the Dance images; there’s an app for that)
So, old film stock? Won’t show a Vampire. Digital media? No problem.

I feel much happier for knowing this.

I think Elissabat as a doll looks much better than her box art.

The box itself is pretty cool and features a scene of her on the, er, grey carpet. Belatedly I realise it would have made a pretty nice background for photos.

Anyway, a few people have said they're not that keen on Elissabat (presumably named after Elizabeth Bathory, which is a bit creepy) as she looks so similar to Draculaura. Maybe it's just the angles I have the dolls' heads at, but I don't think they look *that* alike.

Vampire cousins.
I pretty much love Elissabat. I love Lala too, but there's something particularly appealing to me about Elissabat's darker aesthetic. Her dress is a sort of Elegant Gothic Aristocrat/Gothic Lolita mashup. The top part of her dress is actually a bolero jacket, while the dress is sleeveless, but I left it on because, well, I'm still new to HM dolls and the thought of popping their hands off to dress and undress them terrifies me.

She also has some pretty badass boots with moulded laces and a wedge heel - and double pierced ears.

Her hair was 'okay' out of the box - you can see I haven't brushed it that much here - although her fringe was a bit gappy with an odd kink on one side as I have yet to train the boyfriend in the art of 'picking the one with nice hair and no wonk eye'. I have had limited success dealing with that so far, but she looks okay when on display. I'm a bit worried I'll make it worse instead of better! 

Elissabat comes with some cute accessories. She has an award, which is a silver clawed hand on a roll of old film, and a coffin shaped DVD case. The case has a picture of her on the front and actually contains a tiny DVD.

I was so excited I showed my boyfriend. His only comment?
"A DVD case that shape would be really annoying to fit on a shelf."


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