Thursday, 30 January 2014

Picture Day Draculaura

Finally free of her box and posing on my shelf.

Picture Day Draculaura was the doll that started it all off. My boyfriend bought her for me for my 33rd (yes, you read that right!) birthday. I'd been cooing over the dolls in a local shop, and especially liked Draculaura as she shares my name. I was very amused to find out she's so short as I stand a towering 5ft 1ins myself.

Picture Day Draculaura in her box.
I have to admit that I kept her in her box for several months. Somehow I convinced myself that if I did that I was a 'proper collector', which seemed way less dorky than being a grown up who happens to like dolls. However, my boyfriend finally convinced me to embrace my doll collecting urges and I have to agree that she looks far better out of the box!

Picture Day Draculaura's box features a snapshot of her Fearbook photograph - as she's a vampire and can't be captured on film, all it shows are her clothes and floating earrings, which is a pretty neat touch. It also features her name signed in her own handwriting, decorated with hearts. The back of the box features pictures of some of the other monsters, with 'BFF' written next to Clawdeen and a heart around Clawd. Bless.

Draculaura comes with a Fearbook that is a few pages long. Inside are her picks for the Fearbook's 'most likely to...' categories, the signatures of all the dolls in their signature colours, a group photograph and space to personalise the Fearbook complete with stickers.

Draculaura comes in a cute pink and black outfit that is heavy on the bat and skull motifs. Her skirt is edged with little bats that are echoed in the decoration of her purse.

Cute little bats!

Her shoes have tiny little skull buckles. See the cute little bows on their heads? These are also present on her earrings.

Who knew skulls could be so cute?


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