Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Wave 1 Apple White

Apple White - the daughter of Snow White and slightly self-obsessed pawn of Milton Grimm. She seems to be turning into a bit of a Marmite style love her or hate her character among the fandom. Personally I don't mind her - I can see why she acts the way she does, having grown up believing that if she didn't follow her story she would cease to exist. It's pretty hard to break out of social norms.

Anyway, on with the doll stuff. I actually bought Apple at the same time as Raven, so was at the mercy of the Wonk Eye Fates. As it turns out her eyes seem mostly straight but her eyeshadow appears to be under her eyelid and on the whites of her eyes. Which is kinda weird and makes it look like she hasn't had much sleep lately. Or maybe she's just been crying over the loss of her Happily Ever After. 

I didn't expect to love the Apple doll as much as I do - I mostly got her because a) there was a sale b) the store didn't have Maddie and c) she seemed to go well as a pair with Raven. Her detailing is fantastic though - they're really ramming home that apple theme (which seems slightly odd as she's destined to be poisoned by it. Little bit morbid there Apple. And little bit morbid of Snow to call her daughter Apple, while we're at it.).

Apple is incredibly pale. I forgot to take a shot of her with Raven to really show that up, but trust me. Or Google it. 

Once again the box design is gorgeous and once again I forgot to take a picture of the spine. However, Apple did come out of the box with slightly manic hair. Not only is it a bit frizz-tastic, but near her scalp it had a weird, almost greasy, look to it. Like she's used too much styling product.

Way too much gel Apple.

I have since washed and re-curled it and I think it looks a lot better. 

Out of the box, but pre hair salon trip.

I found Apple a bit stiff to pose. Her arms had restricted movement and I did wonder if it was her bolero. However after taking that off, I noticed that the elastic band holding her necklace in place had somehow slipped into the arm joint and after getting rid of it she has more freedom of movement there. Her legs are pretty stiff too. I assumed it was her tights, which were riding quite low, but removing them didn't seem to help. I have read elsewhere that the shape of her thighs intersects with the hip joint. I've also read that gently forcing the movement can help loosen them up, so I'll see how she fares after some dolly yoga. What's the worst that can happen? I mean, other than snapping her legs right off...

Apple comes with this incredibly cute little bag, which looks like a beaded Apple. It's adorable. It also opens up and is surprisingly roomy, which is a very neat touch. Her ring, which fits over her two middle fingers, is a tiny gold bow - a detail echoed on her shoes and earrings - but does have a tendency to slip off quite easily. If I was giving this to a child to play with, I'd definitely want to remove it first. 

Her earrings are tiny apples!
Also, you can see her wonky eyeshadow in this pic.

I have to say that, despite the bubble head and wonk eye that Apple seems prone to, I'm really loving the Ever After High dolls, and I think she looks a lot like her cartoon self. I also much prefer the webisodes, although we'll have to see if this trend continues. 

I have promised myself I won't buy any more dolls until I catch up with the ones I have - but Maddie? I'm coming for you!


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